When it comes to furniture, one of the most popular materials used is often wood. This makes sense since they can be beautiful, elegant, and reflective of a naturalist mindset. However, for those with a more practical disposition, aluminium will always be the way to go. You’ll see this for yourself when you find excellent fabricated aluminium suppliers in Perth.

The value of aluminium as a resource has been brought home many times, at this point. However, this largely focuses on the industrial side of things. It has played a role in pushing the boundaries of aesthetics, of course, but that’s mostly in the form of architectural decor.

When it comes to everyday, common, and accessible items like furniture, there are still a lot who would hesitate to even consider aluminium. This is a problem, mainly due to how underutilised fabricated aluminium products become, both for consumers and businesses.

After all, as the material that earned the moniker “the green metal,” it’s practically the most sensible option when building pretty much anything in this day and age.

Aluminium, the Green Metal


To really make the point of aluminium’s effectiveness as a material for pretty much any fabrication need, let’s take a look at the properties that justifies its label as the green metal. First and most important is the matter of recycling. This is something that has really taken off over the last few decades in the public consciousness and one that both companies and consumers need to take note of.

Anything that can be recycled should be recycled and this is a quality that needs to be encouraged. In that, aluminium has beat pretty much all other materials. Good fabricated aluminium suppliers in Perth would know this.

You pretty much save 90% of power when reusing aluminium instead of producing a new batch. This then has a drastic effect on the environment.

Then there’s the fact that aluminium lasts a heck of a lot longer than other materials when treated properly. There’s less of a need to replace any furniture that’s made from it and can easily be refurbished if necessary.

Last but not least, aluminium opens the door toward less waste in practically every field that matters.

Aluminium Furniture

It’s understandable that aluminium is not the first material that comes to mind when talking about furniture. Plastic? Sure. Wood? Most definitely. Aluminium? As a cheap lawn set, perhaps, but nothing more.

However, this underplays the potential and value of fabricated aluminium products quite a bit. You just need to search for some of the most impressive artistic marvels made using the material on the web to see what it could be.

There are many decidedly breathtaking pieces of furniture in the market that are made from aluminium. The fact that they have incredible resistance to the forces of nature and other sources of wear and tear only makes the material invaluable for outdoor use.

This then brings us to the next point;

Why Aluminium Makes Sense


To say that aluminium fabrication services are often taken for granted is not entirely accurate. After all, it’s used pretty much everywhere and for everything. However, there needs to be a shift in perspective when it comes to considering the material for certain things where it is often overlooked.

Aluminium makes sense when building furniture for several key reasons, the most important being its resilience. Rain, sun, sleet, or snow, aluminium can withstand all of these elements and come out relatively unscathed. Well, when compared to other materials, that is.

It’s a simple fact of life that when you leave one lawn set made of wood and another made of aluminium outside for extended periods of time, one will inevitably come out in better condition than the other. 

Then there’s the lightness of aluminium. Have you ever tried moving wooden furniture around and compared it with aluminium? The difference could be night and day, never mind comparisons regarding size and dimensions. You could have a wooden chair that weighs the same as an aluminium bench, for example, and it’s obvious which gives you more practical benefits.

Is Aluminium Better Than Wood?

There are a lot of advantages that aluminium furniture has over wood, but at the end of the day, it’s all a matter of needs and preferences. There are a lot of aesthetic reasons for choosing wood. In fact, they can be a source of pride and a sense of closeness with nature. However, these are not always the most suitable solutions to your needs.

When speaking of outdoor furniture, it makes less sense to use wood compared to using aluminium. It would only be wasted money on your part, especially since wood is more expensive than aluminium.

Considering all of that, you could come to a compromise where your indoor furniture would be made of wood while you get your outdoor furniture via aluminium fabrication services. 

Cost Advantages of Aluminium Furniture

It’s been brought up before, but aluminium really is one of the most affordable materials in the world. This means that anything that it’s made with would also be cheap, provided there aren’t any extenuating circumstances that make them more expensive. Artwork that also functions as a practical addition to your lawn would be one example.

Generally speaking, however, you want aluminium outdoor furniture because it’s affordable on all fronts. It’s cheaper to buy, maintain, repair, and replace. What’s more, barring any damage you do to the furniture, they can last you a very long time if you got the good stuff.


To sum it all up, you should use aluminium for your outdoor furniture because they make the most sense in this regard. They are light, tough, affordable, and can be quite aesthetically pleasing. It’s a sensible option, whether you’re a buyer or a business. This is worth keeping in mind once you start looking for fabricated aluminium suppliers in Perth.