Aluminium Powder Coating Perth

Custom Aluminium has its own onsite powder coating plant, guaranteeing total quality control, efficient turnaround times and high quality finishes for your aluminium powder coating projects. The aluminium powder coating process uses very fine dry particles of resin with the pigment colour of your choice. When the resin powder is sprayed onto a part it sticks to the aluminium because it’s grounded, attracting charged resin powder like a magnet. The charged powder adheres to the metal and is then melted by baking at 200 degrees in special industrial sized ovens. The melted resin fuses to the metal, providing a uniform, thick and durable finish. The result is a beautiful glossy satin or matte finish that is very resistant to chemicals, wear and tear and chipping, 3 times stronger than solvent based paints. Aluminium powder coating simply provides a quality finish that can be seen and felt for years.

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Aluminium Powder Coating Colour Charts
Aluminium Powder Coating Perth - Ultra Durable Dulux
Aluminium Powder Coating Perth - Super Durable Dulux
Aluminium Powder Coating Perth - Dulux Colour Selector
Aluminium Powder Coating Perth - Dulux Electro Colour Chart
Aluminium Powder Coating Perth - Powder Coating Machinery