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Custom Aluminium has its own powder coating plant that provides powder coating services in Perth, guaranteeing total quality control, efficient turnaround times and high-quality finishes for your aluminium powder coating projects. This is important to note because when we offer powder coating services to our customers in Perth, the process uses very fine dry particles of resin with the pigment colour of your choice.

Why Go With Powder Coating

When the resin powder is sprayed onto a part it sticks to the aluminium because it’s grounded, attracting charged resin powder like a magnet. We only use high-quality resin and use advanced spraying machines, which is what makes us one of Perth’s best powder coating services.

The charged powder adheres to the metal and is then melted by baking at 200 degrees in special industrial-sized ovens. The melted resin fuses to the metal, providing a uniform, thick and durable finish. The result is high quality furniture powder coating that few similar service providers in Perth can match.

The resulting beautiful, glossy satin or matte finish is very resistant to chemicals, wear and tear and chipping, 3 times stronger than solvent-based paints. That’s one of the things you should be looking for when scouting for wheel powder coating services.


We are Perth’s Top Choice When It Comes to Powder Coating Services

Aluminium powder coating simply provides a quality finish that can be seen and felt for years.

Here at Custom Aluminium, we offer competitive pricing for powder coating services in Perth, with quick turnaround times, top quality workmanship and an eye for detail to suit any job, however big or small.

And It’s not just powder coating services that we offer for customers in Perth. Our state of the art facility and experienced team can also do water jet cutting, laser cutting, aluminium bending, perforating, fabrication and powder coating, meaning we are your one-stop-shop for your aluminium projects.

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High-Quality Powder Coating in Perth

It’s important to always look for the best provider of powder coating services in Perth. Quality will always play a part in how well the results turn out. Now, the process of powder coating itself can guarantee that it’s already better than regular paint jobs. However, it can always get better.

Quality Above All Else

Powder coating is an industry in Perth that relies on quality to set itself apart and this is a mantra that Custom Aluminium follows with dedication. We know how important it is for the finish to not only be topnotch in terms of aesthetics but to also stand the test of time.

We strive to keep improving as we continue to be a provider of Perth’s best powder coating services and keep our customers happy. Our talented people always pay close attention to every finished product to make sure that they meet our standards.


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Powder Coating Colour Charts

Different Applications of Powder Coating

There are many things that can be protected through powder coating. Furniture powder coating is a booming industry in Perth for this reason. Wheel powder coating is also one of the services we are known for and we have on offer. We are even proud to say that we’re the top choice in Perth.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

Our position at the top circles of manufacturers that offer powder coating services in Perth is due to years of diligent commitment to quality and passion for satisfactory customer service.

Whether we are working on furniture, fabricated materials, signs, and many more. Our goal has always been to exceed expectations and have fast turnaround times.

What Our Valued Customers Have to Say

We at Custom Aluminium are dedicated to delivering only top quality aluminium and steel products and related services.

That is further evidenced by how satisfied and happy our customers have been with the work that we do.

You can trust that Custom Aluminium can take care of all your Aluminium and Steel needs.

The guys at Custom Aluminium are great, we had very specific requirements when it came to strengthening our Avon Descent 10Hp motor. They sat down with us and made some great suggestions, nothing was too much effort, thanks guys!


Wembley Plumbing & Gas

We have worked with Custom Aluminium for nearly a decade and they are our main supplier for all sheet metal products. Their speed, flexibility, quality and experience have proven, time and time again to be unmatched. They have everything in house to produce CNC punched, folded, fabricated and powder coated sheet metal parts to exacting tolerances, quicker and to a higher quality than any supplier we have used. Their depth of knowledge also helps our design phase, to make our parts simple, robust, fast to manufacture and cost effective. Highly, highly recommended


AD Engineering International

My company has completed many successful jobs with Jake and the team at Custom Aluminium. I came across custom aluminium purely by other workshops telling me that what my company was asking was not doable. Custom aluminium did not hesitate and worked with me every step of the way. Great team and high quality workmanship!

Andy Watson

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