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At Custom Aluminium, we use Bystronic fibre laser cutting technology. The introduction of the Bystronic machine is a game-changer in sheet metal processing and is a cornerstone of innovation and high quality workmanship. Featuring the latest technology, the Bystronic lasers bring decades of industry leading laser experience to the marketplace.

This high-performance machine provides the most precise cutting available, at scale, which includes aluminium, steel, stainless steel, lithium and copper sheets. 

Laser cutting machines are used for metal fabrication projects in various industries including the automotive, building, mining, marines and many others. 

How the Bystronic Laser Cutting Machine Works

The Bystronic laser cutting machine is a high-performance machine capable of using a laser beam for processing sheet metal. The beam is created by a laser source called the resonator and transported via a fibre or mirrors located in the cutting head of the machine. A lens focuses the high powered beam on a very small diameter of the sheet metal to create a cut. 

Fibre lasers are much smaller than CO2 lasers but they are more efficient because they can generate much higher power from the same amount of current. Fibre cutting is suitable for processing various types of sheet metals from thin to thick sheets of steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals such as brass or copper. A CO2 laser beam is created by a mixture of gases. The high voltage required for cutting is generated by semiconductor excitation modules located in the resonator.

With our experience and deployment of the Bystronic machine, we can take on all your sheet metal fabrication projects. 

What Our Valued Customers Have to Say

We at Custom Aluminium are dedicated to delivering only top quality aluminium and steel products and related services.

That is further evidenced by how satisfied and happy our customers have been with the work that we do.

You can trust that Custom Aluminium can take care of all your Aluminium and Steel needs.

The guys at Custom Aluminium are great, we had very specific requirements when it came to strengthening our Avon Descent 10Hp motor. They sat down with us and made some great suggestions, nothing was too much effort, thanks guys!


Wembley Plumbing & Gas

We have worked with Custom Aluminium for nearly a decade and they are our main supplier for all sheet metal products. Their speed, flexibility, quality and experience have proven, time and time again to be unmatched. They have everything in house to produce CNC punched, folded, fabricated and powder coated sheet metal parts to exacting tolerances, quicker and to a higher quality than any supplier we have used. Their depth of knowledge also helps our design phase, to make our parts simple, robust, fast to manufacture and cost effective. Highly, highly recommended


AD Engineering International

My company has completed many successful jobs with Jake and the team at Custom Aluminium. I came across custom aluminium purely by other workshops telling me that what my company was asking was not doable. Custom aluminium did not hesitate and worked with me every step of the way. Great team and high quality workmanship!

Andy Watson

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