Fascinating Uses for Aluminium Fabrication


uminium fabrication is something you can find practically everywhere, and a huge part of our daily lives, but when was the last time most of us thought about aluminium? Well, it won’t surprise you that we think about aluminium fabrication (and sheet metal fabrication generally) a whole lot, since we’ve made metalwork our lives’ work! […]

Dream Home Backyard Designs: Custom Aluminium Edition!


Backyard design is a great opportunity to turn your house into a home, and now that Perth homeowners are spending more time at home than ever, it’s time to get inspired for your next outdoor renovation project! You might find yourself scrolling through home improvement big-businesses looking for bits and bobs, and left feeling uninspired […]

Showcase: Aluminium Fabrication

Residential Metalwork - Custom Aluminium

Aluminium fabrication is an important part of manufacturing, and it’s used for everything planes to cars, commercial goods and more! We use it to make our homes beautiful, our offices and shops unique; to build functional and beautiful places and items, and much more. Aluminium fabrication has touched your life in many ways that you may not be aware of! Learn all about aluminium fabrication, and enjoy a showcase of our great work here at Custom Aluminium.