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Even though our name is Custom Aluminium, we can help you with your metal work project beyond just aluminium. We specialize in a range of metals and have the people, skills, and technology to be able to help you.

We employ state-of-the-art metal fabrication techniques that guarantee high-quality results with any commission or project. This allows us to not only compete with the best in the highly competitive metal fabrication industry but to earn our spot as one of the top metal workers in Perth and Australia.

With our fast turnaround times, highly competitive prices, and world-class talents, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every job.

Other metals and materials we provide fabrication services for:



Custom Aluminium specialises in metal sheet fabrication and welding, where we work with all types of steel and metal in our metal workshops in Perth. As one of the most well known metal workers in Perth, our mandate focuses on precision, quality, attention to detail, innovation, and fast turnaround times. 

We accept wholesale metal fabrication orders for pre-made steel products, ranging from sheets to extrusions and more. We also accept custom steel projects that involve cutting, perforating, and many more.

We also employ stringent quality control that meets both industry standards and our own. Every single sheet, bar, rod, and more are always fabricated with precision and durability. This applies to every single job, both big and small.


At Custom Aluminium, we are well aware of how high the level of expertise in metalworking is required to fabricate stainless steel. That’s why we only employ high-skilled, experienced, and well-trained staff in our metal workshops in Perth to work on every project. 

This allows us to produce only the very best in terms of the stainless steel products that customers order or we sell in large quantities. With stainless steel being one of the most popular types of steel products in the market, our technicians and workers are quite familiar with how to work with it.

Our methods also ensure that we can produce stainless steel products at faster rates without compromising the quality, while also meeting customer preferences.



There is a wide range of applications when it comes to brass, but this type of metal can also be sensitive and easy to get wrong. Fortunately, Custom Aluminium has an incredible lineup of talented metal workers in Perth who are more than capable of working with brass.

The products we can produce using this material can range from simple home amenities like filtration systems to signages and engravings. When it comes to more complex projects that involve brass, our metalworkers are also capable of meeting demands that can extend to electronics or architecture. More intricate designs can be done with precision and aesthetic elements, as well.


Thanks to the multitude of applications for copper, products composed of or using the material also come in a wide variety of shapes. Custom Aluminium works with copper in a number of ways by producing sheets, strips, and many more in or metal workshops in Perth. These products can then be used in a range of markets, including kitchen appliances, heavy machinery, and so on.

The talented team of metalworkers we have at Custom Aluminium can fabricate copper products with ease and efficiency. We can meet orders of any size for any purpose, whether big or small, and whether complex or simple. Fast turnaround times also guarantee that all deadlines will be met.



Lithium is currently one of the most sought after materials in the world thanks to its wide range of potential applications in a multitude of industries. Even now, there are about 5,000 tonnes of the metal being moved all over the world per year. And the industry is only expected to grow bigger in the coming years.

At Custom Aluminium, our team of metal workers in Perth ensure that every single lithium product that we produce will be conducive to the purposes that they are meant for. We meet every order with the required standards because we understand how sensitive this material is. That’s how we guarantee satisfaction with every delivery.


Noted as one of the toughest types of metal in the commercial market, Custom Aluminium regularly works with titanium with the kind of precision and attention to detail that it requires. A lot of this is thanks to the lightweight properties of the material, along with it being resistant to corrosion and being extremely strong.

Our team of talented metalworkers are always careful to keep its melting point and tensile strength in mind when working with the material. This is to ensure that titanium sheets, rods, and so on will maintain the material’s vaunted qualities once they are delivered to customers from our metal workshops in Perth.



Custom Aluminium doesn’t just work with metal when producing products for customers. We also offer custom fabrication for a whole host of other materials such as rubber and fibre gasket materials. This is thanks to the innovative technologies and techniques that we have at our disposal.

Our metal workshops in Perth can also fulfil orders of any size that involve both metal and non-metal products. This is to ensure that we can cater to as many customers as possible, who may be in need of our services. As with metal products, non-metal fabrication is still done with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Custom Aluminium offers incredibly competitive prices for our metal fabrication services. These services also come with fast turnaround times and top-notch quality control to ensure only the very best in workmanship quality.

We can fulfil jobs of any size without ever compromising the quality of the final products. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced metalworkers can work with a wide range of metals other than aluminium.

We also offer other types of services like powder coating and metal cutting.

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