UTE trays are often subjected to a lot of abuse. This means that they need to have several qualities in order to make them useful to any business that needed or produced them. Conventional wisdom might dictate that steel is the best choice for making UTE trays, but this is not the case.

Aluminium UTE trays can work just as well as steel and, in some cases, they can even be preferred. This is especially true for enterprises that want to maximise profit while reducing costs.

For the most part, UTE trays need to be strong, sturdy, and durable if they are ever to function as intended. After all, they are often used to carry a lot of different things, many of which can be hard, abrasive, pointy, or downright heavy.

None of those is conducive to soft, easily broken materials. If you think aluminium fits that description, though, then the information you’ll find here will prove quite enlightening.

Simply put, while aluminium is indeed one of the most malleable types of metal on the market, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s soft. In fact, depending on how it is tempered, designed, and spread out, it can easily rival steel.

Lighter Than Steel

Aluminium is a lot lighter than steel, with the difference being exponential when taking volume into consideration. This is a major point for any business to consider if they are using UTE trays for their services or if they are the ones manufacturing them.


While there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account when creating or using UTE trays, payload and capacity are often the most notable. Basically, it’s how much can be placed in the trays and how much weight they are able to bear.

So, with all of that to consider, it’s a major advantage for the UTE tray itself to not add to the problem.

By being lighter than steel while still having the same carrying capacity, it doesn’t add to the energy consumption of the truck. This results in more mileage, less need for high torque figures, and even allows for more customization.

Resists Corrosion

One of the most prized qualities of aluminium, which makes it ideal for making things like cans is its corrosion resistance. It is almost impossible to break down without the right catalysts. 

So, unless the aluminium UTE tray is used to transport particularly volatile chemicals, it will most likely remain pristine if cleaned and maintained regularly.

UTE trays are often subjected to some of the harshest conditions simply because of their intended purpose. Rain, tree sap, all manner of machine discharges, and even the occasional urine from livestock. All of these and more can come into contact with the surface of the tray.

The fact that they won’t pose much of an issue by the simple application of soap and water can be a great weight off of the mind of customers you might sell aluminium UTE trays to. 

Can Be Made As Strong As Needed

One of the biggest misconceptions about aluminium is that it’s weak and can bend easily. While this is true in some instances, it’s all a matter of function and purpose. Aluminium is only weak if it is specifically made to be weak.

When tempered correctly and made in the right thickness, combined with excellent engineering and design, aluminium can be astoundingly strong. It won’t bend or break easily, and can also handle a lot of weight.

If you are planning on manufacturing aluminium UTE trays or adding a bespoke design, it’s important to have people on hand who are qualified and experienced in dealing with the material. Aluminium is more sensitive to handle but comes with profitable rewards when used to its fullest potential.

Highly Durable

Aside from strength, aluminium UTE trays are also incredibly durable. They can last a long time because of their corrosion resistance and unless treated carelessly, can handle tough jobs with ease.

This is worth noting because UTE trays are an investment. They need to last as long as possible for your customers to get their money’s worth. Giving them a product that is guaranteed to do just that is only good for business.

For businesses that make use of UTE trays for their services, it also significantly cuts down on the cost of replacing them. The longer you keep your UTE trays around, the better for your bottom line. Speaking of which;

Reduces Cost

Cost reduction when dealing with aluminium is just inevitable. It’s cheaper than steel, by far, especially when purchased in bulk. It’s lighter too, which makes transporting it more affordable. Then there’s the durability, reduced need for maintenance, and general malleable to consider for storage.

This is why aluminium UTE trays or just any kind of aluminium product is so popular, in the first place. Every industry from automotive to aerospace uses the material because of its numerous, inherent advantages.


It’s just the logical choice on many occasions and is so widespread that it has become synonymous with a substantial part of the global economy. Containers, commercial goods, manufacturing lines, machinery, heavy industries, and many others make use of aluminium for all of the reasons listed here.

Most of all, however, aluminium is highly favoured for all of the benefits it offers while coming at a significantly lower cost.


To sum up, aluminium UTE trays are an incredible asset or product for any business. Aluminium is strong, corrosion-resistant, cheap, and durable. It is all those things while also being malleable and easy to work with. 

There’s a lot to be said about UTE trays made of steel or other materials. However, their advantages don’t really matter all that much except for exceedingly specific circumstances. In all other ways, aluminium is the superior option because it is simply so forgiving. 

Even reworking it in case of mistakes during the manufacturing process doesn’t come with too many issues. It’s also recyclable, which is good for the environment.

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