If you want to ensure the safety of the workplace that you are trying to build, taking full advantage of what checker plates from reliable aluminium sheet suppliers can offer would be highly recommended. This highly versatile building material is sought after, not only for the actual construction process but also for things like tools, transportation, storage, logistics, and more.

The fact of the matter is that building anything with materials that won’t last is a disaster waiting to happen. There have been plenty of examples of this where workers are placed in danger due to cutting corners.

On the other hand, cost also needs to be taken into consideration. Fortunately, aluminium checker plates strike a good balance between affordability and reliability, which is always great for safety.

With that said, let’s talk about the specifics of what role aluminium sheet products like checker plates can play in ensuring the safety of your workplace.


What are Aluminium Checker Plates?

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Checker plates are also known as tread plates or diamond plates, but they all mean the same thing. Just ask any provider of fabricated aluminium sheets in Perth. They are basically slabs that can be made out of several different materials, but the most common would be metal. These days, aluminium has become something of a default option for a number of reasons.

Before diving into the specifics of that tidbit, however, let’s take a look at the broader aspects of checker plates. To start with, each plate has protruding patterns that effectively give them slip-resistant surfaces. The formation of these patterns can differ depending on where they come from or what they will be used for. Such differences can be in terms of numbers, positions, and depth.

As for appearance, they typically have a silver sheen courtesy of the metal they are made from. However, depending on how they are treated, they can also come in different colours and hues. The default, metallic look is often enough in most occasions but there are cases where the plates need to blend in with their surroundings.

This versatility allows checker plates to be a lot more useful for building anything, but aside from that, it also makes it perfect for ensuring workplace safety. When you have something that is tough and adaptable, you can easily cover every avenue of preventing accidents or workplace hazards that employees might face.


What are Aluminium Checker Plates Used For?

Aluminium Checker Plates for Workplace Safety

While keeping the workplace safe and in excellent condition for as long as possible is one of the functions of aluminium checker plates, it doesn’t end there. There are tons of other uses for fabricated aluminium sheets in Perth, with the following being the most pertinent:

  • Interior Design – There is something to be said about the beauty of simplicity and the cold, detached, and sterile nature of shiny metal. This is why checker plates have been used for things like interior decoration. Whether it’s through accents, furniture, signs, or whatever else, it can serve this purpose.

Of course, this is often done sparingly. Too much can overwhelm whatever else the design is going for, resulting in a bland environment. Aside from that, if checker plates are used in areas like the kitchen or bathroom, for example, they can also double as safety measures against slipping or sliding.

  • Equipment and Containers – As already mentioned, toolboxes and tool cases can be made out of checker plates. However, a lot of other types of equipment and containers can be made out of the material. This is due to its inherent anti-slip property combined with its durability, affordability, and how light it is.

The best part is that using aluminium checker plates for this can be scalable. Bigger cabinets, boxes, and so on can be built using the material. The only limitation is how far you’re willing to go.

  • Emergency Utility – Every single building needs emergency exits and utilities, especially for those that have more than one floor. Fire escapes, for example, need to have non-slip surfaces to prevent injury while still being accessible. This is what aluminium checker plates provide.

It’s not just stairs that can be made out of the material, either. Handles, doors, railings, and more can qualify as well. On top of that, aluminium can have a reasonably high melting point when produced well. As such, it will last for a good amount of time even when the building is on fire.

  • Convenience Amenities – Right at the top and at the very bottom of escalators, aluminium checker plates are often placed to guarantee safe transitions. Some doors also have kick plates, which are made of the same thing. 

While they do serve the function of safety, they also increase the use of convenient amenities for getting around. They can easily be customisable when shopping for fabricated aluminium sheets in Perth, as well.

  • Transport and Storage – Whether it’s by land, water, or air, transportation vehicles and the containers they carry can benefit from using aluminium checker plates. There’s the obvious anti-slip property, of course, which is helpful in keeping goods intact.

Naturally, things like ramps, steps, handholds, and even the frames of vehicles can be made out of aluminium checker plates. The fewer slippery surfaces there are, the lower the chances of accidents happening.

  • Walls and Floors – Last but not least, there’s the practice of cladding walls and floors with aluminium checker plates. This essentially adds one more layer of protection on these surfaces, which serves several purposes. One of which is to make damaging the walls and floors more difficult.

Fires, flooding, earthquakes, and more can pose a major risk to structures if they are not reinforced. This is something that the plates can offer. On top of that, there is also the aspect of aluminium sheet products having surfaces that are resistant to corrosion and are easy to clean. This then takes care of the hygiene aspect. The anti-slip part just brings everything together.

While aluminium checker plates can serve a lot of other roles, the ones listed above play the biggest role in maintaining workplace safety. They are worth considering for any construction, redesign, or renovation projects when engaging with aluminium sheet suppliers.