The price of aluminium has been a major concern for many industries over the years. After all, the metal is used in so many things that it could have a challenging effect on the global economy if there are any sudden shifts in costs. As such, it’s worth knowing what can affect the price of aluminium and what this could mean for you, especially if you’re looking for custom fabrication like aluminium extrusion products in Perth.

With that said, it’s worth pointing out that aluminium prices can be affected by more than one thing at a time. More often than not, it can be a combination of factors and it doesn’t even need to be all of them. 

Price fluctuations can also be unpredictable. Even then, you can still react appropriately once you figure out what is causing the upticks or downturns. This will help you with cost considerations when you’re searching for fabricators where you can buy aluminium extrusions in Australia.

From there, it’s just a matter of deciding whether your own prices should follow or how you are going to adjust. 

Mining and Processing

The first thing that will affect the price of aluminium, not just in Australia but the rest of the world, is the production. This includes everything from mining the materials to processing them in order to produce aluminium. 

It’s worth noting that this metal is incredibly energy-intensive. This means that it takes a lot of resources to actually produce the necessary quantities needed by the market. There are exceptions, of course, when looking for aluminium extrusions for sale.

There is quite a bit of refinement involved in the process, which would then affect the starting price of the material. With that said, you can generally count on the demand and supply to have a large role in affecting this particular issue, with prices going up and down depending on which of the two is higher at any given moment. 

Keep that in mind whenever you find yourself in need of aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth.

Energy Costs

As noted already, processing aluminium eats up a lot of energy. As such, it only makes sense that the price of electricity would also have a major impact on the price of the material. The more expensive the electricity where the processing plant is located, the same will be true for the aluminium.

Piece of metal being cut by a man from an aluminium checker plate perth company

This increase in cost will then be offset by the increase in the price of the material once it gets to the market. As such, it’s worth considering sources of aluminium that meet your needs so that you will know if you are paying fair prices for custom fabrication products like aluminium extrusion in Perth, given the circumstances. 

Event-Specific Supply Interruptions and/or Booms

Aluminium sources span the whole world and in many cases, the locations where the metal is mined, processed, and stored are not always in the same places. With that being the case, the price of aluminium can be affected by certain kinds of events like the closing or opening of new factories, as well as economic swings or civil unrest.

A lot of this could be due to the interruptions that can be caused by such events to the supply of aluminium. Since the demand for the material is often high, anything that hinders the flow of supply will automatically make the prices of aluminium higher. Inversely, the overabundance and ease of access to the material will also lower the costs. Be sure to keep an eye out for this when you begin exploring your options on where you can buy aluminium extrusion products in Australia.

Market Trends

Aluminium has been rising in popularity since it was first commercially used and while there can be pushback due to environmental awareness, it is still a powerhouse of an industry. With that said, like any market commodity, there will be changes in the trends that can affect its prices.

In terms of technology, for example, the more widespread use of electronic devices has made the demand for aluminium shoot up. On the other hand, product-specific competition has often affected how the prices jump, as well. As such, different types of aluminium extrusions for sale might be pricier than others depending on what it will be used for.

Demand-Supply Flow and Fluctuations

The demand for aluminium continues to be high, that’s true. However, the supply flow is often subject to fluctuations depending on a few factors. For example, countries that are considered major producers of aluminium can stockpile the material for later disposal or sale. However, there are also times when the demand is simply too low for the supply.


There is a balancing act that often happens where predictions are made of both the supply and the demand, which can affect one or the other. If there are issues that make these predictions wrong, prices can go up or down, and sometimes in a rather dramatic fashion. Fortunately, there are competent aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth that can make this less of an issue to worry about. 

State of the Global Economy

Then there is the state of the global economy, in which aluminium plays no small part. It’s basically one of the pillars of entire industries like construction and the manufacturing of consumer goods. It’s a multi-tiered, highly sensitive, and potentially volatile affair where the smallest of changes can have the biggest of impacts from out of nowhere.

Economic growth in certain countries or sectors, for example, can boost demand for metal fabrication like aluminium extrusion products in Perth. In contrast, economic downturns can cause the opposite effect. The rise in consumerism will naturally lead to bigger markets for certain goods that use aluminium, as well. On the other hand, certain trends simply never take off in a large enough part of the global economy that the demand for aluminium would be unchanged despite predictions. 


To sum up, the price of aluminium can be affected by a lot of things, many of which are beyond your ability to influence. However, as long as you are aware of them, you could potentially find a way to mitigate the costs and get your aluminium from much more affordable aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth, when needed.

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