Backyard design is a great opportunity to turn your house into a home, and now that Perth homeowners are spending more time at home than ever, it’s time to get inspired for your next outdoor renovation project! You might find yourself scrolling through home improvement big-businesses looking for bits and bobs, and left feeling uninspired by one-size-fits-all products made by the tens of thousands in overseas factories… Fortunately, the team at Custom Aluminium are there with all our creativity, know-how and passion to make your backyard somewhere you can’t wait to hang out!

To whet your creative appetite, here’s some of the cool things we’ve made for Perth homeowners, featured proudly in backyards across our fair city. Whether you see something that inspires you, or you’ve got your own dream backyard project that you’d like us to customise into reality through top-notch aluminium fabrication, get in touch to see how we can make it happen!

Cubby-House chic

Back in ’17, we helped Uncle Jake be the coolest uncle around with this super-cute and stylish bespoke cubby-house for his little nieces! We brightened up the backyard and delighted two very satisfied young customers.

It’s in the details!

Custom aluminium fabrication can really make your home stand out from the pack! We partnered with the fine folks at Haven Construction to build the gate, fencing and mailbox for this gorgeous house.

And check out our metalwork on this stunning gate; wouldn’t your backyard look great with this kind of personal touch?

Finally, if you’re having trouble finding a proper planter to keep your new plants in, chat with us about a aluminium planter custom-made to your space.

Water-jet cutting

Heard of water-jet cutting? This incredible fabrication technology offers the highest quality finish and remarkable accuracy when creating unique indoor or outdoor features. Here at Custom Aluminium, we’re the only company with the latest state of the art OMAX water jet cutting technology and machinery in Western Australia, allowing us to cut all sorts of materials, from glass to brass, ceramics to concrete and much more. (Want to know more?)

Check out this awesome custom project for unique water jet fencing panels around the entire home of one of Custom Aluminium’s favourite clients. All custom sizes and hidden fittings. This was a fun job and concept; we loved creating something so beautiful, and we’d love to do it for your home! 

Have an idea for a custom metalwork project? Give us a call or contact us, and we’ll help you from A to Z to turn your idea become a design that then we will custom-create for you. Let’s make your backyard go from “meh” to “amazing” together!

Want to see more of our cool creations and get seriously inspired? From residential to commercial, indoor to outdoor, bassinets to big rigs, we make incredible things with metal and we can do it for you too. Check out more Projects We’ve Done, and follow us on Facebook for more!