30 second summary:
  • Aluminium has changed the face of modern life, and is present in practically every sector.
  • This incredibly versatile metal is strong enough to replace steel, and light enough to use as al-foil. It’s also the second most used metal in the world!
  • We use sheet metal aluminium to fabricate durable, well-crafted products for homes, businesses, industry and much more.

Everything you need to know about aluminium fabrication

Aluminium fabrication is an important part of manufacturing, and it’s used for everything planes to cars, commercial goods and more! We use it to make our homes beautiful, our offices and shops unique; to build functional and beautiful places and items, and much more. Aluminium fabrication has touched your life in many ways that you may not be aware of!

At Custom Aluminium, we’re passionate about the art of metalwork and the difference that the little details can make in turning everyday items into something extraordinary. In this blog, we’ll share some fascinating facts about aluminium, and show you some of the work that we’re very proud of, with skills cultivated over decades of experience in the sheet metal fabrication industry: from making gorgeous bespoke aluminium products for businesses and homes, to playing a part in making urban art and so much more.

As passionate craftspeople, naturally we find the history and art behind aluminium to be amazing. In this blog, we’ll show you why?

The story of aluminium

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile metal: strong enough to replace steel, but light enough to be used as al-foil in the kitchen. It’s also the world’s second most widely-used metal, next to iron. But when the element of aluminium was discovered back in 1825, it was more expensive than gold, and the idea of using it to line your baking tin would have been unimaginable! And it has only been just over a century since aluminium was used in mass production.

Today, you’ll see aluminium used in so many ways in day-to-day life: it’s in your car, your phone, and so much more. It’s also indispensable in essentially every industrial sector: from transport to construction, mechanical engineering, packaging and much more.

Metalwork through the ages

Metalworking is a science and art with historical roots spanning the globe and millenia, back to the dawn of time. The oldest evidence of metalwork is a copper pendant in northern Iraq from 8,700 BCE. Throughout human civilisation, people have been making functional, and beautiful, things from metal – to the present day, where metalworking is so present in our lives that its hard to imagine a world without it!

Want to know more? There’s a very detailed, fascinating and inspiring article at The Fabricator on metalworking throughout history, which we really enjoyed– it’s great to think that at Custom Aluminium, our aluminium fabrication work is continuing a tradition that has been of great importance throughout human history!

Aluminium fabrication right here in Perth

Here at Custom Aluminium WA, we are aluminium & sheet metal fabricators and suppliers in Perth, WA offering the highest quality metalwork. We offer aluminium powder coating, perforating, welding, extrusions and supplies to custom fabrications for just about any design you can imagine.

Our experience with aluminium and our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities allow us to produce metal products for a wide range of needs, including architectural, building, domestic, mining, industrial, marine and automotive.

Since Custom Aluminium WA was founded back in 2002, our company has proudly worked with a diverse range of clients, from the local handyman to retail and commercial clients; we deliver high-quality tailor-made aluminium products with fantastic turnaround times and 100% customer satisfaction. With our ‘make it happen’ attitude and strong focus on quality and customer service, Custom Aluminium is the right choice for custom aluminium fabrication.

Our work in aluminium fabrication

At Custom Aluminium, our knowledge of residential, commercial and industrial aluminium fabrication makes us great at what we do!

Here’s some examples of the great work we’re especially proud of:

It’s the personal touch that really makes a house your own.

These beautiful custom stairs took time and delicate care with perfect balance, but the outcome was worth it!

Lest we forget – Memorial Sign

Want to know more? Here at our workshop in Perth, we’re doing plenty of amazing things – visit our Facebook page for more great examples of our aluminium fabrication work, and come back to our blog as we carry on showcasing why we’re Perth’s best aluminium experts!