The metal industry can be a highly competitive space where all kinds of material – from copper to titanium are always in demand for one reason or another. Steel and aluminium are two of the most in-demand among such materials and there is often a debate as to which of them would be better for particular products.

Steel is known to be tough and durable, but so can aluminium when given the right treatment and with the right design. In fact, past a certain point, the advantages that steel has over aluminium will start to matter less and less.

This is particularly evident when looking into aluminium extrusion products in Perth, where the material has often proven to be the more versatile option. 

With that being the case, is aluminium better than steel? If so, what are the advantages of the former over the latter?

Let’s find out.



There is no denying that in terms of how much the materials cost, all things being equal, aluminium has a clear advantage. It’s much cheaper to produce aluminium than steel at every stage of the process – from mining to transportation. 

As such, if you are looking to save on expenses when using metal for your products or services, aluminium could be your best bet. This is particularly true when you’re wondering where you can buy aluminium extrusions in Australia.


More importantly, it’s worth noting that there isn’t much of a risk in sacrificing quality over price with aluminium as you would have to deal with when considering steel. High-quality steel typically sits at a particular price range in order to be worth considering.

In contrast, there’s no sense in looking for cheaper alternatives since high-quality aluminium is often affordable enough, as it is. So if you’re looking for aluminium extrusions for sale, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get good deals. 

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium’s resistance to corrosion is one of its most prominent qualities. It’s why the material has been used in so many different industries from technology to food and beverage. 

Rust is not an issue when using aluminium, which makes it perfect as a container for some of the more sensitive contents on the market. Steel will likely need to consider additional treatments, which will only increase its cost. 

Aluminium also has an impressive tolerance against a wide range of corrosive chemicals, including several types of acids. Aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth market this as one of the biggest reasons to order their products.

Strength and Malleability

Steel is strong, there’s no doubt about that. However, contrary to what many might think, aluminium can be just as strong as steel with the right treatment and technique. Despite that, aluminium is also much easier to shape than steel and is, therefore, considerably more versatile as a material for producing goods. You’ll see this for yourself when you find high-quality aluminium extrusion products in Perth.


Aluminium can be used to create everything from towering structures to the smallest of electronic parts. Smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and even their various accessories have small pieces of the material in them. 

Aluminium is also much easier to recycle and reuse than steel. With that being the case, you’ll get more out of this material for the money that you spend on aluminium extrusion products in Perth.


Aluminium is much lighter than steel because it has a lower density. This is yet another advantage of aluminium for several reasons. For one thing, lighter materials are much cheaper to transport and store in places where you can buy aluminium extrusions in Australia.

For another, the reduced weight allows manufacturers more freedom on what products they can produce. The material is used to make some of the most sensitive electronics on the market, after all. It’s also used to manufacture tools like kitchen and garden ware, which required strong but lightweight options. 

This property also makes it excellent as a building material. Aluminium won’t add too much weight to structures, so it can be used to add more aesthetic features to aspects that might otherwise be plain. That’s something to keep in mind when looking for aluminium extrusions for sale.


As already mentioned, aluminium can be and has been used in practically every industry. It can take on any shape, size, thickness, and complexity. Up to a certain point, steel can do this too, but it would need more effort and resources to achieve as opposed to what you find from aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth.

Just to give you an idea of exactly how widespread the use of aluminium can be, it has been used to produce containers, wires, utensils, aeroplanes, cars, power lines, window frames, appliances, and even armour. 

The point is that there is hardly any purpose that aluminium would not suit, short of the material being made into food. It can be used for cooking, with aluminium foil and aluminium pans being clear examples.


Suffice it to say, aluminium clearly comes out ahead when comparing its advantages to steel. Though, this isn’t to say that there isn’t a place for steel in your business if you really need it. Even though we have a keen focus on aluminium (and the name), our experienced team also works with steel products every day. 

What this means is simply that, if you had to choose between the two and you don’t have a specific requirement that only one or the other fits, aluminium would give you much better odds at succeeding. It’s cheaper, lighter, just as durable, more versatile, and can resist corrosion due to the environment or chemicals. Just shop around from aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth and you’ll see.

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