Aluminium extrusion products are some of the most widespread products the world has ever seen. They can be found everywhere to be used for anything and with enough imagination, there is practically no limit to their versatility. This is good for businesses since they can then gain a near-endless number of opportunities to turn a profit.

With that said, there are five main uses that aluminium extrusion services are known for. These are some of the most common forms that the fabricated material takes.

They are worth noting, especially if you are thinking about making money off of them, whether through manufacturing or through the sale of products. There is also the fact that extrusions make the manufacturing process so much faster. At the same time, the strength, stiffness, lightness, and corrosion resistance of the material is maintained.

How Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturing Works


Using the services of aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth is not exactly a complicated process. However, it is delicate enough that it needs to be done by trained and experienced professionals. 

Aluminium is basically heated to the point where it is pliable enough to work with (about 900°F or so). The molten material is then pressed through a mould to take the desired shape. The best part about this is the level of complexity that can be achieved through this one step alone.

There’s no need to hammer the material into other shapes or conduct some complicated machining. It saves a lot of time and gives you a lot more freedom to tinker with the end results. 

What to Expect from Aluminium Extrusions

As already noted, aluminium extrusion products are extremely versatile. The number of profiles that they can take is practically limitless. With that said, they do fall under three main categories: hollow, semi-hollow, and solid.

Among the profiles that are the easiest and thus the most commonly manufactured are square, round, and rectangular bars. They don’t really require that much fiddling. The hollow variety of these profiles would be basically tubes that take on their general shape.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to note that aluminium extrusions have some of the best dimensional stability anyone could ask for. Even when hollow, they are still durable and can hold their shapes quite well.

Biggest Benefits of Aluminium Extrusions

Haven construction poster made through alloy extrusions

There’s a lot to be said about aluminium extrusions and its characteristics. Its natural ability to essentially shrug off corrosion is one of its biggest strengths. After all, who wants to deal with a critical part of a construction project that would only rot away in a matter of months?

Aluminium can also be quite strong, even if it can’t truly measure up to steel. However, it compensates for this by being much lighter. In the grand scheme of things, that is worth much more than strength, which doesn’t provide as much in return for the costs.

Last but not least, products produced by aluminium extrusion services are incredibly affordable. This is a major boon for both businesses and customers. More of them can be bought and sold, thus racking up profits in one way or another.

This then brings us to the five most common uses for aluminium extrusion products.

1. Construction

Whether they are used for things like linings, window frames, signs, or even as decorative implements, products by aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth can often be fantastic. Their stiff and lightweight properties make them ideal for certain tasks when constructing a building.

To say nothing of projects that require more aesthetic flairs. You will find aluminium extrusions to be a lot more forgiving in these instances. 

2. Commercial Equipment

When making display cabinets or commercial displays, aluminium extrusions are the way to go. You don’t want these things to be heavier than they already are but you don’t want to sacrifice their structural integrity, either. 

Aluminium extrusions have been used for this purpose for decades now and they will continue to serve in this role for decades to come.

3. Electrical Systems

When installing wires, lights, or other types of electrical items, you want them to be covered and protected. This is what aluminium fixtures can do in several ways. The best part is the resistance to corrosion that comes with the material. If you don’t have to worry about them becoming rusty, you don’t have to worry about them exposing the wiring.

4. Manufacturing Equipment

It’s quite a common sight when going around factories and fabrication plants to see things like workbenches and other equipment made of aluminium extrusions. This is due to their strong yet lightweight qualities, which make them easy to use, transport, store, or move around.

Aluminium extrusions also allow for quite a bit of customization. This means that manufacturing equipment can be designed with more flexibility.

This goes for things like machinery, as well. Many of them come with frames that are made of aluminium extrusions. This then makes them lighter while still being durable.

5. Automotive and Aerospace

One of the biggest concerns of companies that produce cars or parts for anything that flies is weight. The material used needs to be strong enough to withstand regular use and the addition of passengers. At the same time, it needs to be light enough that it won’t cause issues with power consumption or mobility.

This is where aluminium extrusions come in. They have been used to build cars and parts for aeroplanes or helicopters for a long time. Whether as accessories or integral aspects of the machinery, it works out all the same.


Those are the most common uses of products by aluminium extrusion suppliers in Perth. It’s worth noting that when it comes to actually producing the products for specific uses, they are made much easier by the malleability of extrusions. Whether they are needed for cars, buildings, commercial aspects, or whatever else, aluminium extrusions are just much easier to work with.