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Aluminium bending impacts a considerable number of different industries and markets. At Custom Aluminium, we are committed to providing clients with only top quality bending services for superior results.

We employ highly skilled technicians, world-class technology, and cutting edge industry practices when bending and shaping aluminium sheets and rods. At the same time, we offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of our services.

Industries that make use of our aluminium bending services can include but are not limited to the following:




Medical & Leisure

Office and interior


Curtain walling



We also offer both pre-fabricated bent aluminium sheets and rods, as well as custom aluminium bending projects. 

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World-Class Aluminium Profile Bending Machine Technology

Custom Aluminium prides itself on the state-of-the-art aluminium bending equipment that we use to produce our premium aluminium products. The machinery at our disposal also allows us to conduct aluminium bending with incredible precision and control. 

As qualified and experienced experts in aluminium and metal processing, we are aware of its properties, both good and bad. While highly versatile, aluminium also tends to be difficult to shape without the right methods and tools. 

We at Custom Aluminium, work with aluminium through the following

  • Aluminium Rolling – One of the most common and most reliable techniques in bending aluminium, rolling is largely about guiding rods and sheets while adding pressure. It involves passing the rod, sheet, or bar of aluminium between two or more steel rollers while leveraging angles. By doing so, the aluminium’s profile can be dictated based on the client’s needs and specifications. Rolling also has the added advantage of making the metal stronger by boosting its structure. This particular method is highly recommended when working on profiles with large dimensions. It offers a considerable level of control and a low level of risk in cracking the aluminium. Aside from bending aluminium rods and sheets, rolling is also effective at adding more intricate details like twists and rises.
  • Mandrel Bending – Mandrel bending is used to produce profiles with a small radius and the aluminium piece has thin walls. Such conditions are not ideal for rolling because doing so can stretch and tear the material. A mandrel bending machine is used to accomplish this task, which involves a rotary shaft and clamps to hold the metal piece in place. The shaft then rotates, dragging the aluminium with it.
  • Stretch Bending – This method involves using two clamps to clasp both ends of an aluminium rod or strip. A mould is then used to press the metal piece against, while the clamps pull it outward. Stretch bending was originally used in the aviation industry, but it has since become popular in other fields. It has quite a large and varied set of applications in architecture, machinery, and automotive industries.

Through these three aluminium bending methods, Custom Aluminium offers clients premium-quality results. A team of efficient, experienced, and effective technicians also ensures that jobs get done quickly and with excellent quality control. 


our work

Bending Aluminium Rod and Sheets for 20 Years

Custom Aluminium has been providing clients with aluminium bending services for over two decades. We have the necessary experience on top of the highly trained personnel that we have to meet client demands for any fabrication job. 

Our years of operations have allowed us to gain a fully comprehensive understanding of aluminium. We know what works and what doesn’t when bending it. 

Having the right tools is only half the battle. With our in-depth comprehension of the metal’s properties, we are able to reduce wastages, cut down costs, and increase the efficiency of the fabrication process.

Why Choose Custom Aluminium For Aluminium Bending Jobs?

One of the most important steps in commissioning aluminium fabrication and bending is the choice of the service provider. Aside from offering a reasonable price for the job, the quality of the work needs to be beyond question. 

Custom Aluminium has the experience, equipment, and qualified technicians that allow us to do premium aluminium bending for our clients. Our in-house workshops mean that we can offer maximum efficiency and highly competitive prices. 

Due to our access to personal equipment and trained professionals, we can also take on aluminium jobs of any kind. No matter how small or large the orders are, we are more than prepared to accommodate our consumers’ needs. 

We can also provide further services on top of bending aluminium to maximize our access to cutting-edge machinery. This includes aluminium perforation and powder coating, which are also all done in-house. 

By offering such services to clients, there is no longer any need to go to a third-party firm once the aluminium bending project is completed. Everything can be done in one location and the order is fulfilled with lower costs, fewer delays, and optimum efficiency. 

Contact Us today and we can discuss your concerns, as well as answer any questions you might have. 

The guys at Custom Aluminium are great, we had very specific requirements when it came to strengthening our Avon Descent 10Hp motor. They sat down with us and made some great suggestions, nothing was too much effort, thanks guys!


Wembley Plumbing & Gas

We have worked with Custom Aluminium for nearly a decade and they are our main supplier for all sheet metal products. Their speed, flexibility, quality and experience have proven, time and time again to be unmatched. They have everything in house to produce CNC punched, folded, fabricated and powder coated sheet metal parts to exacting tolerances, quicker and to a higher quality than any supplier we have used. Their depth of knowledge also helps our design phase, to make our parts simple, robust, fast to manufacture and cost effective. Highly, highly recommended


AD Engineering International

My company has completed many successful jobs with Jake and the team at Custom Aluminium. I came across custom aluminium purely by other workshops telling me that what my company was asking was not doable. Custom aluminium did not hesitate and worked with me every step of the way. Great team and high quality workmanship!

Andy Watson

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Is Aluminium Bending A Delicate Process?

    Aluminium might be one of the most versatile materials in the world, but this also makes it softer and more easily damaged. Aluminium can warp when treated carelessly, especially during the fabrication process. The wrong bending method can easily ruin a major production job. That’s why it requires experts to work on aluminium, as well as the right equipment.

    Can Aluminium Bending Be Done At Home?

    There are many cases where aluminium sheets and rods can be bent at home. This typically involves smaller, less expensive machinery. The resulting pieces are also often intended for less complex projects such as adding new bumpers or carriers for vehicles. Major aluminium bending jobs, however, will require more experience, expertise, and better equipment.

    When Are Professional Aluminium Bending Services Needed?

    Large commissions that will span multiple pieces for major industries like automotive or aeronautics will require professional aluminium bending services. Once there is a need for several, interlinked rods, bars, and sheets, this can no longer be considered a pet project.