Fascinating Uses for Aluminium Fabrication


uminium fabrication is something you can find practically everywhere, and a huge part of our daily lives, but when was the last time most of us thought about aluminium? Well, it won’t surprise you that we think about aluminium fabrication (and sheet metal fabrication generally) a whole lot, since we’ve made metalwork our lives’ work! Here’s some uses for aluminium fabrication that you may find fascinating, illustrating the incredible diversity of this wonderful metal.


Residential aluminium fabrication

You may be thinking “really, aluminium can be used in homes?” That’s right – and we’re not talking about the canned fizzy drinks in your fridge! (Although you’ll likely find aluminium is used in your fridge too, and your microwave as well!) You’re probably aware that steel fabrication is a big part of residential fabrication, for example, structural steel, but aluminium also has structural uses: for example, in residential patios, awnings, carports and windows. They’re also frequently used in handrails and balustrades for stairs, making it easier to climb upstairs and strengthening the stairs themselves while also keeping you and your loved ones safe. Another popular use for aluminium is outdoor sheds, which can be used for anything from garden sheds to artist studios, man-caves and she-sheds to granny flats and much more.

Here’s some gorgeous stairs we created for a Perth homeowner recently:


You’ll see aluminium frequently used in fences, gates and mailboxes, like this project we completed in partnership with Haven Construction:

Residential Fencing
Residential Sheet Metal Fabrication

And finally, you can even use aluminium fabrication to make an entire house, as you’ll see in this beautiful example from Japan. In our case, we’ve built an entire (cubby) house out of aluminium, the perfect size for Jake’s nieces!


Industrial aluminium fabrication

You’ll find aluminium used in practically every industry: notably, its contributions to the transport and telecommunications industries mean that it’s in the car you drive and the truck that brings food to your supermarket, when you get on a plane it’ll have aluminium in it, and it’s even in the smartphone you use to keep in touch with the people you care about (and maybe the kids use to catch Pokemon). It’s used in heavy industry equipment, shade structures, shipping containers, bullet trains, bridges, long-distance power lines and so much more.

With its combination of flexibility, strength and malleability, it’s used for a wide variety of industrial applications by our customers, for example making this work ute both super useful and looking fly:

And this mine site spec walkway working platform that will definitely turn heads:


Commercial aluminium fabrication

Aluminium fabrication is used very widely in commercial settings: from the signage that helps people find your business, to office partitions, feature walls, and so much more!

Here’s some examples of our work in commercial aluminium fabrication.


Aluminium: changing our tomorrows

We’re excited to be working with a metal that’s part of building a better future! With the global population growing and in light of environmental challenges, aluminium is being embraced for its potential to help the world fabricate and build for the future, today. There’s some serious benefits to aluminium fabrication, as the International Aluminium Institute explains: aluminium is weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance over a very long lifetime. Its flexibility and formability means it can take virtually any shape, for practically unlimited design potential. Furthermore, the famous recyclability of aluminium means that s can usually be recycled in a single process using up to 95% less energy than the primary production process, and it’s practically infinitely recyclable, so it can be used again and again.

In comparison, a significant amount of waste building materials usually end up in landfill or are recycled at cost to the community. It can also have green energy benefits, keeping people cool in summer and warm in winter. In fact, there’s even a research programme by the International Aluminium Institute on how the in-use benefits of aluminium in architecture can help in the journey towards sustainable cities

And a fun fact: it’s also taking us to infinity and beyond, with NASA using it on their spacecraft!

In other words, so much more than that humble can of soda – aluminium has already changed the world, and it’s continuing to do so.

 Our name’s Custom Aluminium, and we have a special love of this metal – but we work with all metals to make amazing things! So whether you’re looking to turn your dream home into a reality, makeover your office or do your industrial work better through sheet metal fabrication, we have all the tools we need in-house to create the perfect custom metal fabrication project for you. So give us a call today, or drop by and talk to our friendly staff.

 Want to see more of our cool creations and get seriously inspired? From residential to commercial, indoor to outdoor, bassinets to big rigs, we make incredible things with metal and we can do it for you too. Check out more Projects We’ve Done, and follow us on Facebook for more!

Dream Home Backyard Designs: Custom Aluminium Edition!


Backyard design is a great opportunity to turn your house into a home, and now that Perth homeowners are spending more time at home than ever, it’s time to get inspired for your next outdoor renovation project! You might find yourself scrolling through home improvement big-businesses looking for bits and bobs, and left feeling uninspired by one-size-fits-all products made by the tens of thousands in overseas factories… Fortunately, the team at Custom Aluminium are there with all our creativity, know-how and passion to make your backyard somewhere you can’t wait to hang out!

To whet your creative appetite, here’s some of the cool things we’ve made for Perth homeowners, featured proudly in backyards across our fair city. Whether you see something that inspires you, or you’ve got your own dream backyard project that you’d like us to customise into reality through top-notch aluminium fabrication, get in touch to see how we can make it happen!

Cubby-House chic

Back in ’17, we helped Uncle Jake be the coolest uncle around with this super-cute and stylish bespoke cubby-house for his little nieces! We brightened up the backyard and delighted two very satisfied young customers.

Custom Cubby House - Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication of Cubby House


It’s in the details!

Custom aluminium fabrication can really make your home stand out from the pack! We partnered with the fine folks at Haven Construction to build the gate, fencing and mailbox for this gorgeous house.

Aluminium Fabrication for Home Builders | Custom Aluminium Fencing in Perth

Home Construction in Perth | Aluminium Fabrication of gate, fencing and mailbox


And check out our metalwork on this stunning gate; wouldn’t your backyard look great with this kind of personal touch?


Finally, if you’re having trouble finding a proper planter to keep your new plants in, chat with us about a aluminium planter custom-made to your space.

 Custom Aluminium Fabrication - Garden Planter

Aluminium fabrication of garden planter

Water-jet cutting

Heard of water-jet cutting? This incredible fabrication technology offers the highest quality finish and remarkable accuracy when creating unique indoor or outdoor features. Here at Custom Aluminium, we’re the only company with the latest state of the art OMAX water jet cutting technology and machinery in Western Australia, allowing us to cut all sorts of materials, from glass to brass, ceramics to concrete and much more. (Want to know more?)


Check out this awesome custom project for unique water jet fencing panels around the entire home of one of Custom Aluminium’s favourite clients. All custom sizes and hidden fittings. This was a fun job and concept; we loved creating something so beautiful, and we’d love to do it for your home! 

Water Jet Cutting for Fencing in Perth

Custom Aluminium Fabrication of Residential Fencing in Perth, Using Water Jet Cutting

Have an idea for a custom metalwork project? Give us a call or contact us, and we’ll help you from A to Z to turn your idea become a design that then we will custom-create for you. Let’s make your backyard go from “meh” to “amazing” together!

Want to see more of our cool creations and get seriously inspired? From residential to commercial, indoor to outdoor, bassinets to big rigs, we make incredible things with metal and we can do it for you too. Check out more Projects We’ve Done, and follow us on Facebook for more!

COVID-19 Update: still working hard for your aluminium needs!

Custom Aluminium | At the Workshop | Aluminium Fabrication in Perth

Jake and the boys are still hard at work making sure all our clients still receive their projects! We are maintaining a safe environment for everyone here at Custom Aluminium, taking COVID-19 seriously with periodic health checks and sanitation at the warehouse.

As a small family-owned business, keeping our doors open is a priority.

Happy to start any new projects, just give us an email or call! We’re your guys!

In the meanwhile, here’s a selection of videos giving you a look into what we do here in the workshop – if you want to see more (including pics of Perth’s cutest customised cubby house!) head to our Facebook.

Showcase: Aluminium Fabrication

Residential Metalwork - Custom Aluminium

30 second summary:

  • Aluminium has changed the face of modern life, and is present in practically every sector.
  • This incredibly versatile metal is strong enough to replace steel, and light enough to use as al-foil. It’s also the second most used metal in the world!
  • We use sheet metal aluminium to fabricate durable, well-crafted products for homes, businesses, industry and much more.

Everything you need to know about aluminium fabrication

Aluminium fabrication is an important part of manufacturing, and it’s used for everything planes to cars, commercial goods and more! We use it to make our homes beautiful, our offices and shops unique; to build functional and beautiful places and items, and much more. Aluminium fabrication has touched your life in many ways that you may not be aware of!

At Custom Aluminium, we’re passionate about the art of metalwork and the difference that the little details can make in turning everyday items into something extraordinary. In this blog, we’ll share some fascinating facts about aluminium, and show you some of the work that we’re very proud of, with skills cultivated over decades of experience in the sheet metal fabrication industry: from making gorgeous bespoke aluminium products for businesses and homes, to playing a part in making urban art and so much more.

As passionate craftspeople, naturally we find the history and art behind aluminium to be amazing. In this blog, we’ll show you why?

The story of aluminium

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile metal: strong enough to replace steel, but light enough to be used as al-foil in the kitchen. It’s also the world’s second most widely-used metal, next to iron. But when the element of aluminium was discovered back in 1825, it was more expensive than gold, and the idea of using it to line your baking tin would have been unimaginable! And it has only been just over a century since aluminium was used in mass production.

Today, you’ll see aluminium used in so many ways in day-to-day life: it’s in your car, your phone, and so much more. It’s also indispensable in essentially every industrial sector: from transport to construction, mechanical engineering, packaging and much more.


Metalwork through the ages

Metalworking is a science and art with historical roots spanning the globe and millenia, back to the dawn of time. The oldest evidence of metalwork is a copper pendant in northern Iraq from 8,700 BCE. Throughout human civilisation, people have been making functional, and beautiful, things from metal – to the present day, where metalworking is so present in our lives that its hard to imagine a world without it!

Want to know more? There’s a very detailed, fascinating and inspiring article at The Fabricator on metalworking throughout history, which we really enjoyed– it’s great to think that at Custom Aluminium, our aluminium fabrication work is continuing a tradition that has been of great importance throughout human history!

Aluminium fabrication right here in Perth

Here at Custom Aluminium WA, we are aluminium & sheet metal fabricators and suppliers in Perth, WA offering the highest quality metalwork. We offer aluminium powder coating, perforating, welding, extrusions and supplies to custom fabrications for just about any design you can imagine.

Our experience with aluminium and our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities allow us to produce metal products for a wide range of needs, including architectural, building, domestic, mining, industrial, marine and automotive.

Since Custom Aluminium WA was founded back in 2002, our company has proudly worked with a diverse range of clients, from the local handyman to retail and commercial clients; we deliver high-quality tailor-made aluminium products with fantastic turnaround times and 100% customer satisfaction. With our ‘make it happen’ attitude and strong focus on quality and customer service, Custom Aluminium is the right choice for custom aluminium fabrication.


Our work in aluminium fabrication

At Custom Aluminium, our knowledge of residential, commercial and industrial aluminium fabrication makes us great at what we do!


Here’s some examples of the great work we’re especially proud of:


 Custom Aluminium - Residential Metalwork


Custom Aluminium - Residential Metalwork

It’s the personal touch that really makes a house your own.

 Custom Aluminium - Residential Aluminium Fabrication - Stairs
 Custom Aluminium - Sheet Metal Fabrication - Residential Stairs

These beautiful custom stairs took time and delicate care with perfect balance, but the outcome was worth it!

 Lest We Forget - Memorial Sign - Custom Aluminium

Lest we forget – Memorial Sign


Want to know more? Here at our workshop in Perth, we’re doing plenty of amazing things – visit our Facebook page for more great examples of our aluminium fabrication work, and come back to our blog as we carry on showcasing why we’re Perth’s best aluminium experts!